• Site Changes: Threads are only marked as read when you view them

    To deal with various mobile device issues and our old cookie based thread marking system we have switch to database tracking.
    This means that unlike before if you don’t read a thread when logged in at work, it will still be unread when you get home. This also means when your signed in via mobile browser/app the unread threads list stays accurate before.

    How did it work before:
    vBulletin Manual:
    Inactivity/Cookie Based - once a user has been inactive for a certain amount of time (the value of the session timeout option) all threads and forums are considered read. Individual threads are marked as read within a session via cookies.
    vBulletin would use a cookie which was stored locally to track your last visit time which would also be checked against the database's last visit entry and it would then decide what should show as read and which shouldn’t. This meant generally mobile devices or multiple pc's would never know exactly what was read and what wasn’t.

    How does it work now:
    vBulletin now flags the recent threads you have read in the database to allow the information to stay in sync across devices/pc. This flag information is not stored forever and is cleared after several days to prevent database issues.

    I have a huge amount of stuff showing up:
    This is due to the change where the system no longer uses the cookie, because of this it has no idea what’s read and what is not accurately and will show considerably more threads than usual.

    To fix this browse to your UserCP and hit the "Mark All Read" button listed below subscribed threads.
    You can also do this from the "What’s New" page by hitting the "Mark All Read" button.

    Post any questions or thoughts below.
    This change may be reverted depending on feedback.