• EduGeek @ISTE 2012 San Diego

    Come and meet Shaun (ZeroHour) and myself on booth 5311 (we are on the other side of Smoothwall) at ISTE 2012 in San Diego next week.

    We shall be there to meet our members and spread the word to those in the US who don’t already know us. As an extra special thank you to our existing members in the States, the first person each day to get to the stand and declare their membership will receive an EduGeek t-shirt/shirt (size permitting of course!) and whatever other goodies we can cram in our suitcases

    The exposition will be open from Monday the 25th June to Wednesday the 27th: http://www.isteconference.org/2012/

    Come and keep us company, even if it’s just to stop and say hi, as we’d love to meet you. If you’d like to get together with us after the show for a drink and a chat you would be more than welcome.

    See you next week
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    1. ict-direct's Avatar
      ict-direct -
      I want a Shirt!!
    1. matt40k's Avatar
      matt40k -
      I think
      San Diego a bit far for us UK folk to travel for a T-Shirt, even a EduGeek one!!
    1. GREED's Avatar
      GREED -
      I wonder if I can blag a trip... I'll pop into the office as well
    1. tom_newton's Avatar
      tom_newton -
      Well, I'm in SD with Chris and co - supporting both Smoothwall and Edugeek's efforts! You can follow my iste warblings on twitter (@thomasnewton) if you are REALLY bored.

      I missed ISTE last year in Philly, did Denver the year before, so I am looking forward to it... not as many "old friends" as at BETT, but we will get there!
    1. whereduck's Avatar
      whereduck -
      I got a t-shirt and fabled lanyard.

      It was great seeing you guys at ISTE. Hope you have safe travels home.
    1. A5Ben's Avatar
      A5Ben -
      I was able to get a shirt and lanyard as well! Was great to see the EduGeek booth at ISTE2012!
    1. Dos_Box's Avatar
      Dos_Box -
      Thanks guys. Shaun and I have both got home now (after almost 24 hrs travel). It was great to meet our US members once more, and I shall get a write-up done for next week.
      For now we have our travel tiredness to get over.
    1. tom_newton's Avatar
      tom_newton -
      Really enjoyed giving you a hand on-stand guys, shame we never really got to see SD - no rest for the wicked, eh?

      Hope @ZeroHour doesn't stress too much with the you-know-what...