• EduGeek User Panel Applications close on Friday

    We will be closing applications to this round of the EduGeek User Panel on Friday evening. If you would like to join the EduGeek User Panel all you need do is click here and submit a post to apply.

    Info about the Panel:
    The goal of the panel is to try and ensure all the upcoming tweaks/changes to the site are actually to the benefit of all. The panel will also be asked questions about colour schemes and general thoughts on the future features to try and make sure we are heading down the correct path with EduGeek. Some of these ideas will go to public poll too if they are big issues but initially the panel will be able to give first thoughts.
    While on the panel you will also get early access to new features for comment as well as site layout changes.
    The panel will also be able to pitch ideas that they dont necessarily want to post in the public suggestions forum and I will try to answer all as I do already try with the suggestions forum.
    Other things that will be introduced to the panel is access to the beta site as well as screen grabs of changes being tested in the future.

    All discussions will in the dedicated forum area and should be considered Do Not Discuss outside the set forum which means please dont say "I was just asked if the introduction of a search elephant was a good idea"

    Those that respond and contribute will be given a special title/rank on EduGeek as well as a few other things.
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