• Thanks for everything Russ

    As you can see by today’s banner we are losing an admin. Russ Dyas (Russdev) is leaving the world of local govt employ and joining the ranks at Impero.
    Russ has been with us since the early days, in fact his member number of 35 and the fact he joined a mere 10 days after we went live always made me wonder how he found us in the first place. He was a leading figure in introducing EduGeek to the bosses of most of the UK's leading ICT suppliers and companies and provided us with access to people that we, as provincial hicks from Lancashire, would have never got to meet. He was also instrumental, along with Tony Sheppard in getting our BETT presence established, and I'll always remember seeing him for the first time with Tony handing out EduGeek leaflets they had produced from the SSAT stand at BETT 2006. From there he had helped organise our early conferences in the Midlands and has been tireless in the promotion of EduGeek to all and sundry, and for this we can't think him enough.
    So all that remains id for us remaining admins to say 'thank you Russ', and we wish you all the best for the future.
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    1. bossman's Avatar
      bossman -
      Hey Russ,
      You the man!!
      I do hope all goes well with you and you don't stay a stranger.

      In my past encounters Russ ........................Ok ;D

      Enjoy your life
    1. GrumbleDook's Avatar
      GrumbleDook -
      Well, Russ will be too busy in his school today as he is also leaving there, but I just wanted to say a big, big thank you to him for everything he has done ... and boy, has he done a lot for EG over the years (yes folks ... we have someone else to take some of the blame!)

      I've already blogged this GrumbleDook Thinks » All Change but it is worth repeating a few things here.

      EduGeek conferences started because Russ gets ideas ... and makes others do things as a result.

      EduGeek is at BETT because he was inspired by the Moodle crew (Drew Buddie, Ian Usher, etc) when they got a stand ...

      I got involved in EG because Russ is unstoppable when he wants someone to do something.

      I joke when I say I have a lot to blame Russ for ... but I have so much to thank him for too.

      All the best mate, don't be a stranger.
    1. LiamH's Avatar
      LiamH -
      Best of luck with your new job, you helped make something great. Thanks
    1. russdev's Avatar
      russdev -
      Thank you for the kind comments both via twitter and here. As said I will not be stranger at all..

    1. Edu-IT's Avatar
      Edu-IT -
      Best of luck with everything!
    1. CAM's Avatar
      CAM -
      Good luck Russ and see you at events! (Just don't chase us down the aisles at BETT ).
    1. elsiegee40's Avatar
      elsiegee40 -
      Good luck Russ! I can even use a name when I'm dodging heavy handed sales at BETT now!
    1. plexer's Avatar
      plexer -
      All the best Russ just as I finally got to spend some time with the team on the stand at BETT you weren't there


    1. tom_newton's Avatar
      tom_newton -
      Cheers Russ, good luck!
    1. witch's Avatar
      witch -
      Good Luck Russ -hope the new job is all that you want it to be
    1. beeswax's Avatar
      beeswax -
      Thank you. If you have any spare time, I hope you get to spend it with the family.
    1. WithoutMotive's Avatar
      WithoutMotive -
      All the best, Russ. You're going to a good place, though
    1. john's Avatar
      john -
      Good Luck Russ enjoy your new life at Impero
    1. matt40k's Avatar
      matt40k -
      What is it with people leaving :'(

      All the best
    1. bizzel's Avatar
      bizzel -
      If it's any consolation, I came back.

      All the best Russ, good luck with your new job.

      Quote Originally Posted by matt40k View Post
      What is it with people leaving :'(

      All the best
    1. SYSMAN_MK's Avatar
      SYSMAN_MK -
      All the best Russ
    1. mark's Avatar
      mark -
      Hey Russ take it easy!
    1. mac_shinobi's Avatar
      mac_shinobi -
      All the best with your new job Russ, don't think he needs luck as he's good at what he does
    1. alan-d's Avatar
      alan-d -
      Good luck for the future Russ and thanks for everything
    1. Jobos's Avatar
      Jobos -
      All the best