• EduGeek Gets The Royal Treatment

    Well, following a few emails between ourselves at EduGeek and KenRoyal, he's done a little write up of our meeting at the ISTE Show in Denver. The article can be found on Kens blog, 'The Royal Treatment' here: http://blogs.scholastic.com/royaltreatment/

    *And yes, we really did gatecrash SmoothWall's award ceremony (they made us 'guv), because, being Yorkshiremen (and women) they told us it was free beer!, EDIT: and Scottish but I was in less of an itch for the free
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    1. EduTech's Avatar
      EduTech -
      Check out this cheeky crew at EduGeek.net - The Front Page. < LOL! that made me smile
    1. tom_newton's Avatar
      tom_newton -
      I think Ken was referring to Claire G as "a rose between two thorns" - bit disappointed not to get myself and Chris Bragan (US Sales manager) into the "thorn" category there