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  1. Hi Mate,

    The best way to contact me would be thru e-mail as I only got your PM today. It just took a few days for the new AD to replicate onto the Sophos box. It worked for us after a few days (good thing we did it over the summer).

  2. really not sure if this is the best way of making contact....but.....
    Hi, i happened across a post you made that referenced an issue with 2008R2 and sophos web filters (assuming WS1000's?)...we seem to have run into the same issue - Ive got a single AD across 3 sites with 3 WS1000's. we've just upgraded one site to R2 and the WS1000 is not happy! currently its pointing over at one of the legacy 2003 DC's so we can continue to function - and help or advice on how you fixed things would be very welcome!


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