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    Happy Birthday SYNACK ^_^ Love the username by the way, very creative.
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    I'll give you until June 2010 and then you'll be forcing ZeroHour to upgrade the Rep System Again
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    Kia Ora! Like the signature. Reminds me of mine! Must be a Kiwi thing.........
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    Cheers fella :-)
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    Ah! i thought you just went on a rep spree over night .... well done!
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    Someone had to break the rep barrier so it would change colour

    well done
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    hi what you? you from New Zealand..?
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    Yes, very web 1.0
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    I just made up a load of hex and saw what i got the first time round... now that was funny!
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    oooh blue and creme...

    not so sure about the creme!!
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Imaging The Atom and other Mysteries

by SYNACK on 26th August 2014 at 01:54 PM
The new quad core Atom CPUs are great for 1:1 devices, long battery life, support everything and not too expensive, problem is imaging them. The issue with MDT imaging is that they are detected correctly as 64 bit architecture and so copy 64 bit EFI. This should work fine but most of the vendors have crippled the EFI implementations to only support 32 bit EFI. Some tablets support PXE with a USB NIC like the Acer Aspire Switch 10, others like the ASUS T100 don't. Either way if you are trying

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The Sorry Tale of Intel and the Dodgey Driver

by SYNACK on 26th August 2014 at 01:28 PM
Our tale starts with Windows Multipoint Server 2012 and it's inability to cope with USB3, after being turned away from many a Microsoft door we had enough and gave up on MPS 2012 again. Our lovely new hardware would just have to suffer with MPS 2011.

MPS 2011 is not easy either with it faining no knowledge of many devices when confronted with their drivers, these however were usually just a case of pointing device manager in the right direction.

Now onto the topic,

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It's Not a Typewriter (Office 2007/2010)

by SYNACK on 29th June 2010 at 08:06 PM
The two latest versions of Office handle paragraph breaks differently to Office 2003 and this seems to cause negative reactions from some users. Lately I have been exposed to a group of people who were new to the Office 2007/2010 way of spacing text and have discovered that they dislike the default settings.

I think that the issue is not so much based on usability but more based on inertia with regards to previously learnt behaviour. The standard behaviour

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Office 2010 Road Warrior Event at Papakura Normal School (Part 2 of 2)

by SYNACK on 26th June 2010 at 07:51 PM
<-Link to Part 1

Excel is the flagship product for the 64 bit line of Office applications, as Excel itself now has no row limit on documents it is only limited by the memory available on your computer. Excel is in fact the only program that Microsoft recommends from their 64 bit offering for users working with large worksheets of millions of rows (note: this was not from the presentation but a recommendation taken from several different Microsoft presentations).

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Updated 26th June 2010 at 07:54 PM by SYNACK


Office 2010 Road Warrior Event at Papakura Normal School (Part 1 of 2)

by SYNACK on 26th June 2010 at 07:50 PM
The Road Warrior event at Papakura Normal was well attended attracting at least twenty participants from five separate schools to hear about the new features and improvements available in Office 2010. Part one of this blog entry contains the writeup on general features, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Publisher. The second part contains information on Excel, Office extentions like Ribbon Hero and PowerPivot along with a small amount on SharePoint, Live@Edu and Expression Encoder.

I arrived

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Updated 26th June 2010 at 08:49 PM by SYNACK

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