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  1. Thanks very much

    That has been extremely useful. I can now go to the SMT with the facts and figures and make some suggestions.


  2. That's correct, ten tapes at present, and we need a couple more for the end of year which I believe should be retained for 5 years.
  3. Once again thanks for your prompt response

    Your information was extremely helpful.
    As well as considering the ease of use I need to factor in the costs, so just one question, would I be right in thinking you use 10 tapes for your backup schedule?

  4. Thanks for your reply.

    I suppose my main concern was the ease of restoring data, as with Attix it is so easy - just access the backup from the offsite server, find the file or folder and restore. I was also wondering what kind of backup schedule you run. The company we are looking at suggests a schedule using three cartridges backing up once a week. With administration stuff continuing to be backed up by Attix daily. The cost in the long run is much cheaper, but I'm wondering whether a weekly backup is really what the SMT would be happy with, I would be grateful for any thoughts you have on this, and thanks for taking the time to reply.


  5. I've sent you an email back through EduGeek in answer to your question.
  6. re: Tandberg RDX

    My name's Adam, and I'm a technician for a 400 student primary school in Exeter. We are looking at replacing our server and as part of the upgrade we are looking at changing our backup system. At the moment we are using Attix which means that the back up is done automatically offsite, with very little user intervention. The company we may use is suggesting moving to a Tanberg RDX kit with three 160 GB drives. The cost of our Attix backup is £466 a year, whereas we are being quoted £500 for the Tandberg. The reason I am contacting you is because I see from a previous thread that you are using the Tandberg tape system, so I was hoping you could offer some advice or just tell me what your experience of the Tandberg kit has been.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this


    Adam Wardknott
    Bowhill Primary School
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