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  1. Hey, thanks for the message. Myself and our senior tech Gary (gparr on here) think it's ace you're on Edugeek!

    Currently looking into doing the Snow 201 course at NTI (doing 101 and 201 might just prove too expensive), but it's useful to know that having one of your guys out is a possibility.

    We actually bought our kit from you last year and had Chris Reynolds spend a day deploying our XServe with us (we're a Nottingham school). He did a great job of explaining all the important things I needed to know, and even kept on helping out when I emailed him with silly little quirks every week or two!

    Our implementation currently integrates our Macs with our RM CC3 Windows netowrk. This has however, caused us some issues (including scalability), so we're looking into re-deploying as a standalone network, instead -hence the push for proper training. We had hoped if we ever needed it we could ask for someone to pop over and help out, so it's reassuring to have you suggest it.
  2. I was going to suggest something re server training. We could get one of our on site engineers to come over for a day and give you some one to one bespoke training. They would charge for a day's engineering time, which is going to come out at about £800 (I'm guessing, I haven't checked yet), but you could find out exactly what you need to know, without any of the stuff you'll never need. Might work out better value in the long run?
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