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  1. Yeah we have a problem with the insurance. We don't own the laptops but the company that looks after the network over N.Ireland want us to insure them on house & car Insurance, when taken out of the school. Problem is you can't insure something you don't own. So it is a grey area.
  2. Very busy.
    We are getting in 74 laptops this week that are being added onto the network.
    The school is thinking of lending some of these out to the students with a sign out/sign in procedure. Was wondering to you have anything like this in you work place. If so is there anything that we have to consider. I have a few problems already noted down. I want to give these to the boss before she makes her final decision. She is listening too much to certain teachers who just want a free laptop to take home and it will never be seen again.
  3. Well Mick.
    Do you not get off this time of year?? We been off for two weeks now.
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