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  1. Sorry, was ages ago and didnt take any notes as it didnt help us.
  2. If you can remember could you send me instructions or a clue as to where it is.

    I think that is all is wrong with mine.
    It is past its warranty but has been hardly used since we got it.

  3. No sorry, well did find it but didnt make any difference. Sent back to Sanyo repairer who said it was a bulb error, changed the bulb, charged us the earth and sent it back working. Fortunately its never put a foot wrong since but would never buy another one.
  4. TechSupp

    Regarding your comment in the post above (link)

    Sanyo PLC-XW57 did you ever find out how to reset thermal switch (or is there one) we are having the same trouble that you had.
    Can't find much support on this.

    It is out of warranty. Part of a IWB install.
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