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    Sounds like a creative approach, the results must have been interesting when you first clicked the save button.
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    Yea the creme does look a bit iffy but it was the best that I could come up with at the time that would still kinda 'fit' with the standard edugeek stuff around it. If I could customize the whole page that would be a different story.
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    allo ) I now have two friends! woo weee wooo yeah!! hehehe
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    Come 2 weeks time, no-one left in blackburn for me. Parents are off down south and sis got married n moved away last year. Rest of relatives are all long way away already so not much holding me round here bar friends.
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    Doing my degree at evening class and finish in two months, don't think it's worth half as much as the experience i've gained working in a school but it's pretty piece of paper. From the forum AussieLands sounding tempting though.
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    Glad to hear you've got some interviews, not a one yet. Too many grads n not enough grad-schemes.
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    Yo Joanne

    Safe one!

    No diggity
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    Have a reply.....OF DESPAIR

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    lol love it!
  10. Yay... own message of doom!
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gah!! Decisions!

by Joanne on 7th May 2008 at 09:04 PM
Just been asked if I still want to work at 'Lanway' a company in Burnley fixing laptops and Q1's and computers and stuff.


- Get training!
- Slightly More Money!
- Stuff to do (that I like)
- Get away from BSF/Kids
- Closer to home
- Don't have to install the 150 machines at summer


- Prefer me to stay fixing pc's forever
- Were apprehensive of female employee
- erm...

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Random Snotty Tuesday

by Joanne on 29th April 2008 at 02:28 PM
Damn you cold virus!!! I thought I had foiled it when my sore throat went away but now my nose is bearing the brunt.

Hopefully it is snotty because of dust or something... Maybe I should blow it...

Tuesdays are rubbish! (as is pretty much every week day) I've had to do stuff today!! Like replace mice, replace toners and switch on computers!! MAN!

Get home and do nothing!! (Well maybe tidy up a bit... it's getting a bit of a mess!).

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Almost giving in!

by Joanne on 28th April 2008 at 10:05 AM
So didn't get the job at BFC... gonna find out why later on today. Hopefully it will be something along the lines of there was someone with better experience than me. At least I got an interview though!

Not going to look for a job just yet untill we find out if we are moving or not... should find that out this week!

Just don't know what to do!


by Joanne on 24th April 2008 at 02:07 PM
Just booked some tickets for the crucible for saturday morning!

Watching John Higgins vs Ryan Day.

Excitement! I'll be in the 4th row, so you might see me! Yay!

Anyone ever been? what's it like?

Argh Tension!

by Joanne on 24th April 2008 at 11:01 AM
So I went for an interview on Tuesday and I thought it went rather well. I got told I would find out about it either on tuesday or wednesday... only I haven't been told yet. After speaking with my Uncle, who's partner works at the place where I had the interview... and who's sister went for an interview... he said that no news is good news.... whatever that means?!

I really want this job! My work place would be this massive reception area with a big desk and the opposite wall is glass

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