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  1. Come 2 weeks time, no-one left in blackburn for me. Parents are off down south and sis got married n moved away last year. Rest of relatives are all long way away already so not much holding me round here bar friends.
  2. Aussie land would be great... I got too many families here though... so can't really bugger off abroad. Kinda wish I could sometimes though!
  3. Doing my degree at evening class and finish in two months, don't think it's worth half as much as the experience i've gained working in a school but it's pretty piece of paper. From the forum AussieLands sounding tempting though.
  4. I don't think the job is a very good one, but shall see on thursday!

    Can't find many IT jobs at all! So going for some light managerial ones instead.

    At least you have the all important degree I guess... I just got the NVQ and A-Levels :P hehe.
  5. Glad to hear you've got some interviews, not a one yet. Too many grads n not enough grad-schemes.
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