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  1. Hi Ian,

    Sorry for disturbing you. I am an ICT Technician at a school and I have the following problem:

    Some of the pupils have figured out the old remove network cable at logon trick so the group policy fails.

    In a previous thread you stated:

    We found that when the network cable is pulled out, the PC loads the a temporary profile based on the local Default User rather than the assigned mandatory profile. So we copied the logoff script to C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\ by GP startup script, and voila! Pull the cable and you get instant logoff.

    You have talked about this problem in a previous forum but to be honest I did not understand it because at the moment I am only a junior technician. Can you please if you got time give me instructions on how I can overcome this problem? What code to write in this file? I would really appreciate it if you could help me out, please.

    Thank You!

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