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Ruckus Firmware 9.8 & support upgrade entitlement Error

by FN-GM on 30th June 2014 at 10:28 AM

I have just upgraded to version 9.8 of the Ruckus Firmware. But at first I got this error message after the upgrade had finished - "A support upgrade entitlement does not appear to have been purchased for this ZD. Please contact Ruckus Support further assistance. [What's this?]"

It seemed that the filtering was stopping my ZoneDirector calling back home. To resolve this issue I added the IP address to the authentication exception in order

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Updated 30th June 2014 at 10:34 AM by FN-GM


SIMS .Net Install Script

by FN-GM on 29th October 2013 at 09:07 AM
Many of us find it a little annoying that SIMS doesn't come with an .msi installer. But not to worry I have put together a script to do the job. To get yourself setup follow the following setps.

  1. Download the attached .zip file
  2. Inside the root of the source folder populate it with the following installer files SIMSAMPARKSetup.exe, SIMSApplicationSetup.exe, SIMSInfrastructureSetup.exe & SIMSManualSetup.exe
  3. Also inside the same folder put your connect.ini file. If you do have

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Updated 29th October 2013 at 09:09 AM by FN-GM


SCCM 2012 + Server 2012 + Vmware ESXi 5 0x80091007 error

by FN-GM on 19th June 2013 at 12:44 PM

I thought I would do a quick post to let you guys know about a problem we have been having.

We recently moved our SCCM server to a Server 2012 box from a Server 2008 R2 box. Once we moved during OSD we where getting random hash miss-match errors (error 0x80091007 during OSD). It was very random and happened at different times. There was nothing wrong with our packages. If you set OSD off in a VM it worked every time.

It turned out there seems to be

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Upgrading the SCCM 2012 client to SP1

by FN-GM on 23rd December 2012 at 06:00 PM
For those who have just upgraded to the final release of SP1 you will have found the client needs an upgrade. You can do this my one if these methods:

1. Auto upgrade SCCM 2012 Clients
2. Use the client upgrade package

Step 1 would be easier, but for devices that go offline for long periods will not upgrade as well. If you use the deployment package and let the software install outside of maintenance windows it will get to all your machines better. Also step 1 will

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Updated 23rd December 2012 at 08:11 PM by FN-GM


Enable Users to Change Expired Passwords in Outlook Web App 2010

by FN-GM on 2nd July 2012 at 07:46 PM
By default in OWA 2010 if a user's password has expired they are told the username or password is invalid. They are unable to reset the password in OWA. This might be a pain when the passwords expire in the summer holidays. If you have SP1 + installed on the server users will be able to reset expired passwords before they login. All you have to do is make the following registry changes on all of your CAS servers.

  1. Log on to the Client Access server.
  2. Start Registry Editor (regedit).
  3. Locate

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Updated 2nd July 2012 at 07:53 PM by FN-GM


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