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  1. Hello Dos_box. Could I ask a qn re whether a post would be acceptable? It's inviting contributions to a Becta consultation - proposed text is below. Didn't want to post it without checking as I'm not sure whether it constitutes an "advert".

    We are running a project for Becta looking at the information teachers need in order to work out whether a Digital Learning Resource (DLR) would be appropriate to support their teaching. We have some suggestions and thoughts about what this information might be and some initial considerations of how it might be presented. We have a survey online at the link below which we would be most grateful if you could complete to give us your views.
    DLR User Requirements
    We will recognize contributions with a £5 Amazon token to the first 75 respondents (the site will close after that). Thank you!

    John Winkley
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