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  1. Hello, I know you don’t know me, but I’m a Network Manager at Liskeard Community College in Cornwall. Though this request has nothing to do with School!

    In my spare time, I hunt Tupperware boxes using Handheld GPS Receivers, it’s hard to describe yet www. should give you some more details.

    I’m trying to organise a get together for a largeish number of fellow geocachers.

    This would be over the weekend (and for one of those days only) of 8th – 9th August 2009.

    I’m looking for a venue where up to 750(?ish) people could gather, chat eat lunch, and a “Classroom” facility or three.

    I’m hunting for somewhere within striking distance of Bristol – preferably with a nearby Railway station.

    A large nearby open access area would be great.

    Anyway – do you instantly have any idea of any schools/other venues I could approach.

    Apologies for the off topic email.

    Many thanks

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