• Come and see EduGeek and our sponsors at these events in 2014

    With the October holiday's looming we think it is time we gave you a bit of notice to where you can come and see us, and our sponsors at various exhibitions over the next school year. Please note that we may be adding to this list as time goes on, and we shall give you a heads-up when and if this happens.

    BETT 2014

    22nd-25th January - Excel London

    This is the BIG one. BETT is the world’s largest educational technology show and in 2014 will be larger and bigger than ever with the exhibition featuring educational technology companies ranging from the largest to the smallest in the world showing their latest and greatest products as well as seminars covering a huge variety of subject areas.
    EduGeek shall once more be sharing a stand with Smoothwall (stand N17) so please make our day and come over to say 'Hi'. BETT is free to attend and if you keep an eye on EduGeek and we’ll let you know when tickets are available.
    Bett Show 2014 - The learning technology event

    EduGeek sponsors also attending:

    Smoothwall – Stand F137
    NetSupport – Stand C290
    Net-Ctrl - Stand F121
    Room Booking System - Stand A290
    Millgate - Stand F124
    Stone Computers - Stand C102
    ICT Direct - Stand C151
    Schoolcomms - Stand B295
    Stoneware - Represent by Lenovo on stand C260 and ITS on Stand E282
    PaperCut - Represented by iTS UK - Stand TBC
    Meru - Stand E340
    Schools Broadband - Stand F238

    Education Innovation Conference and Exhibition (EICE)

    27th – 28th Feb 2014 Manchester Central

    The EICE will be in its second year next Feb and is focused on providing an equal mix of exhibition and seminars. It is also very accessible to more northern areas of the UK due to its location. We shall be in the thick of things in the middle of the arena sharing a stand with ICT Direct. We shall also be hosting a session on data protection courtesy of Rick Byers, and as anyone who has caught him speaking at our annual conf will testify, he is a mine of information and DP myth busting! Also the very popular Raspberry Pi event will once more be taking place alongside the show drawing in many Pi educators and enthusiasts.
    As with BETT, attendance is free, as well as access to all of the sessions and seminars, and pre-registration for tickets is now open here:
    Pre-Registration | Education Innovation || Manchester || The leading event for learning technology

    EduGeek sponsors also attending:

    ICT Direct
    Schools Broadband
    Room Booking System - Stand F16

    ISTE 2014

    28th June – 1st July: Atlanta, Georgia

    ISTE is our big US event, indeed the BIG educational IT show in the US where, once again, we are sharing a space with Smoothwall and get to meet old and new members from all over the world. The ISTE Conference is similar to BETT but more focused on seminars, discussion and teaching IT professionals in education the latest technologies and techniques. It’s always a very busy show and for us it’s like doing BETT but with just 2 people!

    EduGeek sponsors also attending:

    Smoothwall - Booth 2528

    Please note we have not include our conf(s) yet as these will be announced once we have firm dates and venues. If you are a sponsor and you don't yet know your stand number at any of these shows but want them added please let us know and we shall add them as soon as we receive them.

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    1. Dos_Box's Avatar
      Dos_Box -
      We've just added Room Booking System to both BETT and EICE. The more the merrier
    1. Dos_Box's Avatar
      Dos_Box -
      I just have to let you all know that all of the sessions and seminars at EICE are now free, but please note that the co-located events - the Raspberry Jamboree and iThink therefore iPad - will have fees.
      Please visit their respective websites for more details as they become available.

      *Yes, I have adjusted the main article text to reflect this, however the article cache has not yet updated itself!
    1. Millgate's Avatar
      Millgate -
      We're at Bett too
    1. Dos_Box's Avatar
      Dos_Box -
      Quote Originally Posted by Millgate View Post
      We're at Bett too
    1. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
      TheScarfedOne -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dos_Box View Post
      @Dos_Box link not working on iOS app
    1. john's Avatar
      john -
      @Dos_Box seems you have used last years stand number for Smoothwall as they are showing F137 on the info on the Smoothie website...
    1. SimpleSi's Avatar
      SimpleSi -
      Got both days off to attend and stopping over on the thursday night

      I'l be flitting around between Edugeek and the Jamboree - I'm running a few CPD sessions using RaspberryPii
    1. ICTDirect_Dave's Avatar
      ICTDirect_Dave -
      Quote Originally Posted by SimpleSi View Post
      Got both days off to attend and stopping over on the thursday night

      I'l be flitting around between Edugeek and the Jamboree - I'm running a few CPD sessions using RaspberryPii
      It'll be good to see you sir.
    1. john's Avatar
      john -
      Quote Originally Posted by SimpleSi View Post
      Got both days off to attend and stopping over on the thursday night

      I'l be flitting around between Edugeek and the Jamboree - I'm running a few CPD sessions using RaspberryPii
      Oooh nice one you were ace last year and your Pi-Bot got a lot of interest on our stand when you left us to supervise it
    1. Dos_Box's Avatar
      Dos_Box -
      There will be Shaun, Mike and myself on the stand at Education Innovation this year
      I'm quite looking forwards to it and from what we have seen it should be much larger than last year.
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