• EduGeek wins its first award

    It was quite a lovely shock to find that I won an award today.

    Last year Naace took the brave step of introducing an award aimed at technical staff in schools. At the time, when speaking with some peers from the technical community, some expressed concern about how a “bunch of teachers and LA folk could ever work out how hard technicians and NMs work” and considering how difficult that can be within schools I can understand that a minority had some scepticism about it.

    The award is an Impact Award, designed to see what impact you make on learning, and it is up to you to sell yourself against the criteria of “how do you make a difference in schools and with learners”… and that can be a daunting task. You are asked to measure what a difference keeping servers running makes, asked about why it is important to communicate about the services you help the school provide and how it can be used to support / deliver the curriculum, asked about the lengths you have gone to when making sure that the child with a visual impairment is not simply “catered for” but truly feels included due to assistive technology you provide, asked about how you work with teachers and SLT to generate ideas about emerging technologies or simply better use of existing tools, asked about business tools, asked about extra-curricular groups ranging from coding clubs through to bee-keeping … I can go on but you get the idea.

    This year I was lucky to be nominated by a friend (a teachmeet legend) and since I am not in a school anymore I fell back to thinking about what I really do.

    I work with and support communities of people. All those things above? That is what they do … day in, day out … and I am lucky enough to help some of them flesh out those ideas, give encouragement so they will go to meetings with SLT about their ideas, work with them to help come up with standards in schools … but most of all I am a part of these communities. I am mere mortal without them.

    Most of those short listed are regulars and contributors to these communities, whether via twitter or mainly via EduGeek.net. On the whole we should say that these communities have won the award for me (not false modesty but a true statement) …

    So I dedicated my award to the communities … #ukedchat, TeachMeet, NetworkNorthants, NorthantsBLT … but most of all to EduGeek.net.

    Next year I will be nominating someone from EduGeek.net … and this is not a challenge for folk to up their game, or any other manglement jargon, it is just to say that you all should keep doing what you at doing, hold your heads up high and be proud of the difference you make. It is recognised and I am thankful to Naace to recognising this.

    Thank you all.

    Originally posted on http://grumbledook.org

    Editors note (ZH): It was also Tony's birthday on Sunday so please wish him all the best
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    1. X-13's Avatar
      X-13 -
      could every work out
      Tony, I am disappoint.
    1. kaphc's Avatar
      kaphc -
      Congratulations and belated Happy Birthday!
    1. elsiegee40's Avatar
      elsiegee40 -
      Well done and many congratulations; you definitely deserve this award @GrumbleDook.

      Happy Birthday as well
    1. TheScarfedOne's Avatar
      TheScarfedOne -
      Well deserved Tigerman @GrumbleDook...which reminds me, I need to get in touch with you - been a bit manic with a few other bits... long story
    1. CAM's Avatar
      CAM -
      What a nice birthday present! Well done.
    1. TechMonkey's Avatar
      TechMonkey -
    1. dnavekar's Avatar
      dnavekar -
      Well done!
    1. garethedmondson's Avatar
      garethedmondson -
      Llongyfarchiadau mawr.

    1. SwedishChef's Avatar
      SwedishChef -
      Deserved, well done
    1. speckytecky's Avatar
      speckytecky -
      Well done - good to see worthy praise given.
    1. RuAware's Avatar
      RuAware -
      Great Award well done
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