the young ones

  1. Danielle
    If you were actually a Young one - which one would you be?
    (this is the 1980's cult comedy )
  2. RSoP_Robbers
    Vyvyan perhaps?

    Corn... FLAKES!
  3. Danielle
    i like Neil- theres someone at the door Neil!
  4. LosOjos
    It'd have to be Neil, "Lentil soup!"
  5. glennda
    well im not even an 80's kid 90's all the way!!
  6. Danielle
    welli was born in 1987 - but still appreciate the cult comedy humour. 90's was also good for the likes of Bottom and Brittas Empire but the 80's did cultivate an audience
  7. glennda
    i was born 91 so was still a small child when they where on!
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