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  1. Marci
    (Thought I'd done this ages ago - guess not!)

    Job Title: ICT Technician - Web & New Media Development Engineer
    School Type: Secondary
    School Size: ~1200
    Network Type: 2 separate domains (1x Vanilla 2003, 1x RMCC3), OSX Server AD integrated (Music Suite), Linux integrated (Filter bank), FreeBSD integrated (Public Webserver)
    MIS: Serco Facility CMIS / ePortal (but using SIMS + combo of others for financial management)
    Other details: HP ProCurve network, Trapeze Managed WiFi, Mitel ICP, Samsung MagicInfo Signage
  2. Dom_
    Job Title: Network Engineer
    Location: Kirklees
    School Type: 8 Primaries (between 100 and 300 kids at each)
    Network Type: Varying 1 server vanilla 2003's/2008's... Most have Ruckus, Laptop trolleys, the usual!
  3. TechSupp
    Well best add my two penneth!

    Job Title: ICT Technician
    School Type: Four Primarys
    School Size: approx 1400 in total
    Network Type: Each have their own 2003 domain
    Other Things: all the above, inc. netbooks, laptops, projectors, some websites and as I teach ICT anything else that looks as though it may have been near a computer, but not including PhotoCopiers!
    All classrooms have Smarboards and nearly 300 PC's in total and 80 netbooks.
    Teach ICT as well so thats half the week and fit Techy in the other half.
  4. Julie1988
    Hi All

    Job Title: ICT Technician
    School Type: 1 Nursery, 2 Juniors and 2 PRU's
    School Size: Various
    Location: Kirklees
    Network Type: 2003, 2008 just installing 2012, each have their own domain
    Other things: I do 3 days in school and 2 in the office but in schools we deal with: Office 2007, Laptops, photocopiers, Website, iPads, Website management, UniFi wireless etc...

    Nice to meet you all!
  5. wroberts
    Job Title: IT Technician
    School Type: Large High School
    School Size: 1300 Machines and 25 iPads
    Network Type: Single Domain - Server 2008R2 and Win7 Environment, 13 Servers in Total
    VLE: Moodle v1.8
    Other things: Office 2007, Office2010 ,Office2013 , Laptops, photocopiers.
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