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  1. steve
    Thought it might be nice for us all to give a few details about our jobs here.

    I'll start -

    Job Title: ICT Technical Team Leader
    School Type: Secondary
    School Size: 1500 + 300 Sixth Form
    Network Type: 2 separate domains, vanilla 2003 networks (vanilla - no RM/Ranger/etc management)
    Other details: Cisco network - switches and Wifi
  2. leco
    Job Title: ICT Technician
    School Type: Junior
    School Size: 260
    Network Type: 1 domain, Windows Server 2003 (is that what you mean by vanilla?)
    Other things: Wireless laptops, SMART interactive whiteboards with a variety of projectors, network printers.
    "Part time", term time only

    Updated: Now have a new server running Windows Server 2008, which is nice.
  3. Bluetooth
    Not been posted to in a while so i shall continue the trend.. that and im bored :P

    Job Title: Primary Schools ICT Technician
    School Type: Junior
    School Size: ~800-950 across 6 locations plus 1000 at local high school
    Network Type: 1 domain per school plus 2 at local high school
    MIS: Integris G2
    Other details: im overworked and underpaid =-)
  4. WOW_freak
    Hi All,

    Thought I should introduce myself for my first post

    Job Title: ICT Systems Manager
    Location : Sandal
    School Type: Secondary
    School Size: ~750
    Network Type: 2 domains 1 RM (yuck) and one Strawberry (slightly different to vanilla hehe)
    MIS: Facility CMIS
    Other details: Worked at acadamies in London before moving up here for family. Getting rid of multiple domains and RM is my first goal of the new post. Second goal is to find all the drinkers and get to the pub!
  5. Mr_gee
    I'm on board!

    Job Title: Senior ICT Technician
    School type : Secondary
    Pupil count : 555

    noob to Edugeek
  6. BandyQuill
    Morning all,

    Job Title: ICT & AV Technician
    School Type: Secondary & 6TH Form
    School Size: 2300 pupils (ish)
    Network Type: Cisco network, messy cabinets, and project Cirrus
    Other details: we cover 4 primarys, 2 colleges, a hair and beauty salon, construction department and a Business centre between 4 of us...
  7. RSoP_Robbers
    Belated Hello to all!

    Job Title: Network Co-Ordinator
    School Type: Secondary (Soon 6th Form) - One of a family of schools - SPT
    School Size: Lots of people for such a small building
    Network Type: New vanilla network W2K8 SRV (Built by us) SIMS MIS, Frog VLE, Linksys L2 Council Managed Switches. Soon to be proud members of Live@Edu.
  8. round2it
    Job Title :Network + Systems manager
    School Type : Secondary
    School Size 500-600
    Vanilla server 2003

    Very busy
  9. Galway
    Hello Everyone, only just realised of this groups existance ... the result of being the holidays, and im updating 400 computers to IE7 via WSUS and im bored LOL

    Job Title: IT director & Network Manager
    School Type: Secondary
    School Size: 800
    Network Type: 2 Domains, 3 DC's running 2003Ent, 500 computers, projectors and Smartboards in every classroom & networked colour lasers in every computer suite.
    Other things: Wireless laptops, managed wireless ap's ... those darn photocopiers ... Website ... VLE ... Exam software ... digital signage systems ... Policies ... Planning ... whitepapers ... meetings ... training ... timelord ... and now the poxy digital phone system !!!
    Definatly full time ....
  10. bladedanny
    Hey All

    Job Title: Senior ICT Technician
    School Type: Two Primarys
    School Size: ~800 all together
    Network Type: Both have one vanilla 2003 domain.
    Other things: Office 2007, Laptops, photocopiers, Website, Ninterndo DS, Wii, Anything with more than one button and a three pin plug.
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