Question for Sheffield techies

  1. roty80
    I was hoping to find out what ratio of computers to techs there are in Sheffield schools as we are currently going through a redundancy situation and a reduction in contracts from 52 to 41 weeks.

    The reason I would like to know is because we currently have one NM and two technicians, we have 800 desktops, 15 servers, projectors and Smartboards/Promethean boards in every room, etc. (approx. 1400 pupils, 170 staff).

    So we have a tech to desktop ratio of 1:400 (tech to user 1:785) and we have been told by the head and finance manager that they have looked at other Sheffield schools and we still have too many IT staff. I was hoping to find out what the other local schools ratios were so when the unions come in in the next couple of weeks we can go into the meeting and say "this is how we actually compare to other local schools" as one way the finance manager told us he measured it was on square footage of school.

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