Yorkshire Techs

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  1. mrtechsystems
    Just thought I would say hello ppl
  2. maz8462
    Thought I'd say Hi too, from a Yorkshire Lass born & Bred!!!
  3. Technophobe
    Hello Yorkshire lads & lasses, I'm I allowed in the gang if I'm not strictly a tech. I have just started working for an ISP that specialises in education. I'm not very technically advanced. But if I promise not to try and sell you anything I'd like to just hang out and see if I can learn anything that may benefit me at work. What it is that you specifically want from an ISP? How you've been let down, Support. No names need be given. I think you get the gist. Promise I won't babble so much in future! Cheers guys.
  4. Technophobe
    Strangely this is somehow reminding me of school! Look at poor little Technophobe sat in the corner. Outcast and wandering lonely as an orphan in a Dickensian novel. Kept at bay by the big boys with no friends, no-one to talk to. Nobody cares, I'm nobody's child. Poor poor me. I may not have the same job as you but... we are connected like it or not. And I'm not the enemy. Or am I? Is that how you see suppliers? Let me know. Please!
  5. Marci
    /me waves
  6. john
    Happy New Year to all Yorkshrie Techys
  7. leco
    Is this forum ever going to be the "right way up"?
  8. Jumpeyspyder
    Hi All
  9. Bruce123
  10. mrtechsystems
    Have not posted for a while hope you ok ppl

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