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  1. Duds
    Quiet in here...isn't it???
  2. Duds
    On a serious note. I just put onthe chat program. At the risk of chatting all day and not getting any work done I'm going to have myself listed as available when I can.
  3. steve
    Chat? Blimey given the workload you have duds I'm surprised you got chance to install the client.

    Given the number of techs here should we try and have a meet up someday? Share stories, have a few beers?
  4. Bluetooth
    Ey Up

    Good to see you all, im from around the dewsbury area (the place shannon "disappeared" from)

    See you all soon!
  5. steve
    Anyone off to the edugeek conference May 29th?
  6. timbo343
    Nope, unfortunately Im the only one in that week and have got a load of stuff to do
  7. timbo343
    Does anyone know when BFS is to hit the North Yorkshire area?
  8. john
    I'm off to conference so poke me when you see me there.
  9. katie.lawe
    East Riding ICT Conference 19th June 2008
    Details here - http://www.consult-ed.co.uk/EML/event.asp?EventID=599
  10. Bluetooth
    about BFS, i heard something for around 2015, cant confirm that but im sure ive heard it from someplace
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