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  1. TechSupp
    Water levels have dropped around here now, can afford to take the wellies off now! As for YHGfL...Hmmm...good when their servers don't just drop out and we are left with no internet, other than that don't have much to do with them. I get alot of hassle over their filtering system from teachers wanting to get to realistically safe sites
  2. leco
    Haven't had too much about filtering though the staff do get confused when only part of the page has YHGfL messages.
  3. steve
    How many lost their internet connections this morning with YHGfL?
  4. leco
    Didn't notice one and I had the suite full with online tests at one point. Might it have been localised?
  5. steve
    Looks like it was limited to the admin subnets within our LA.
  6. john
    Im used to either independent sourced interent access or Bull internet though North Yorks LEA.
  7. leco
    Have you noticed the avatars keep disappearing? Yesterday it was Ueline, the day before it was John and today Steve seems to be lost in the fog.
  8. steve
    Changed my avatar
  9. leco
    oh now that's not fair
  10. steve
    Anyone know of any good IT related events in the region?
    Computer fairs, seminars, sales events, etc?
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