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  1. ifrit1066
    Tag: ifrit1066 (as above). COD4, COD3, Halo3, Playing lots of BF:Bad company
    Awaiting: aliens:colonial marines, COD:WAW , FableII and GOW2
  2. Mkey
    GT - MikeyLegend
  3. Richie
    Tag: ThumbnailRichie

    Gotta get more games, gotta get more time to play!!
  4. cheesypete
    Tag: cheesyboosh

    Currently playing Fifa '09 (when the wife is out!)
  5. silver_hippo
    GT: silver hippo

    Not playing much but when I do I'm generally on COD4, COD5 beta, maybe Fable 2. Awaiting COD5 (Preordered CE! Can't wait 1 week double xp!! )
  6. ninjabeaver
    Right, I better post my gamer tag. It's Aughard . Please add me . Got GOW1 & 2 and Fable 2 so far.
  7. silver_hippo
    GOW2 any good online? was thinking of getting it next month as getting COD5 CE this month
  8. Jim
    My Tag is THUDPUCKER, been playing lots of GOW2, completed it on insane, the online multiplayer is so much better than GOW1. At the moment i'm being completed consumed by FallOut3, the game is vast!!
  9. OutToLunch
    My tag is mooseofgloom - only really playing Halo 3 online at the moment as I still get confused by the controller if I try and have more than 1 game on the go at once :S (Not bad at Halo though!) Would be good to find a few decent players who stick the matches out to the end and don't just quit when it gets tough...
  10. NPearce
    GT: paddletastic
    Usually found on COD4, looking to get COD5 when xmas has been paid for and waiting paitiently for the new GTAIV content in feb.
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