XBOX 360 Users Group

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  1. kerrymoralee9280
    GAMERTAG: kerrymoralee

    I'll give you a game at COD if you add me.
  2. DarkLight
    Playing Halo 3, COD4 etc currently.

    PM for Gamertag if you want it.
  3. EduTech
    Gamertag = EduTech

    Play COD4 at the moment but have been getting bk into RV6: Vegas so i get used to it again so when RV6: Vegas 2 is out in a few days can kick som Butt! :P

    Feel free to add me =]

  4. JWardle
    Hi all,

    My xbox tag is JimboXiii I'm on there quite a lot. Been mostly playing CoD4.
  5. ful56_uk

    My tag is youknowtherulez, play RV6 2, COD 4, fifa which i am really bad on, and i do like Oblivion thow

  6. ZeroHour
    Added you to my list
  7. tech_guy
    Tag is couched potato

    Has anyone else purchased their gold card off ebay & is it ok? There's a seller in the usa with 100% postive feedback who's sold over 5000 gold cards and as he's charging £23.39. Thanks.
  8. EduTech
    @ Tech guy

    The USA Gold Cards will not work on your account as your account most likley is a UK account and so it your xbox.


  9. alonebfg
    can I just say we are having a big bust up in our house at the moment reference GTA 12 year old want to play it comes out that mates play it but we wont let him and he is not a happy bunny anyone any thoughts.
  10. tech_guy
    @edu-tech - thanks for that. Just checked the guy out and he reckons they work in the uk. Some of his feedback is from uk account holders.
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