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  1. FatBoy
    Sounds good and would love to come but money is at something of a low atm :0(
  2. tosca925
    Been addicted to COD4 since Xmas.

    Only rank 38 now second time round.........................
  3. mtdmitchell
    "dirtydogmitch" in the house

    COD 4 Mad
    and Pro evo 8 (only challege me if you can take defeat!)
  4. dezt
    Gamertag - Deadly Dez

    Couldn't think of anything cool, how lame does that look.......
  5. dezt
    added everyone to my friends list, COD4 is my main game at the mo, may see you there.
  6. DreddMetal
    Gamertag - DreddMetal

    3 red lights means im currently out of action although UPS picked up my 360 yesterday so microsoft should be sending me a shiny new one soon
  7. clarky2k3
    my tag is Xbox Super Geek
  8. FatBoy
    You could be in for a long wait DreddMetal, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Mine took just under 4 weeks to come back and I got my own repaired box back not a new one!

    Hi Dez seen the add m8 hopefully have a game of COD or something soon the only problem is I'm playing so many games atm I'm never sure what to play!!!! :0p
  9. alonebfg
    Alonebfg and at the moment I am have a good go with burnout Call of duty 4 + a few more
  10. dezt
    @FatBoy - thats where i'm ok, only got 2 games at the mo, COD4 and PES6, COD4 is the only online game I play, helps get the anger out away from work.
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