End-game raiding

  1. MattCrick
    Just wondering if anyone has got to see it yet and what they think?

    Personally I find it hard to find the time to spend 14 hours in Naxx. Heroics are just about dooable time-wise, but was wondering on whether I'm 'missing out' on some huge experience... lol
  2. Valentine
    End game raiding is only really worth it if you have time to join a proper raid guild. Going with random people to Naxx and other raids is what causes those horrible 14hours in Naxx.

    From my point of view the content isn't challenging enough and there isn't a lot of it at the moment. While in TBC my guild could quite happily fill 3 evenings worth of 4 hour raids per week we can currently do all content in one 4 hour raid.

    The instance encounters that are there are all nicely designed, with interesting fights and hard mode achievements. If you want to get a flavour of it then start with the Vault of Archavon or Sartharion as they are both easy encounters which you can do easily just joining any group. Malygos and a full Naxxramas do require people to have read up on the fights a bit before hand and for at least a large percentage of people to know what they are doing
  3. Geoff
    I do 10 man naxx, OS and VoA (we can't get malygos down yet) in the 'casual' guild I'm in. We raid 3 nights a week (Wednesday, Sunday, Monday) for about 4 hours (7pm - 11pm).
  4. Valentine
    Ulduar now released, anyone had any fun in there yet?

    From my first short raid yesterday where we managed to kill Flame Leviathan and XT-002 on 25man mode I have only good things to say about the place. They have upped the difficulty hugely compared to Naxx which although obviously isn't as good for casual players it gives the raiders a little more to work with.

    Edit: Oh and even the new VoA boss is a challenge.
  5. MattCrick
    I'm in a 'casual' guild and respecced healer and now inundated with hc's in the evening and being one of the guilds 3 raid healers... Have got 3 of the 4 quarters down in naxx but not quite got the tacs for the 4horsies down yet... We do VoA and OS 10 man too

    Guild isn't really big enough for 25 mans yet, but that doesn't really bother me... Ulduar looks really good from what I read about it... Something completely different, but I doubt i'll see it any time soon...
  6. Valentine
    Have cleared the "easy" mode ulduar on 25man now with my raidgroup, the first to do so on our rather backwards RP server . The Yogg Saron fight really is quite a nicely done fight, really taxes everyone without being stupidly difficult (Muru springs to mind).

    Now onto hard mode....
  7. Joh619
    We've managed to get Yogg to 30% in 25man on our best attempt. Killed him in 10man. Our server (Draenor) is very laggy and often you can't even get a space on the instance server. We've spent many a raid night standing around for 30 mins until people can move at all, let alone play Seems our guild have some of the worst luck with lag as well. Lag is the new hard mode!
  8. Valentine
    Yes very frustrating. We are currently working on Thorim hard mode which for us has the not so amusing side effect of 2-3 people disconnecting as soon we we enter the fight. We have once or twice managed to have an attempt with 24 people .
  9. CAM
    It's fun, especially if leading a raid. But raiding is also the really addictive part of the game...(at least when I did it) :P
  10. Valentine
    Been getting through the hard modes now with my raid, some really do require mind bending coordination, but much enjoyment.

    Our webmaster set up a page to show how cool we are
    Boy Racers - Earthen Ring [EU]

    (im the little blood elf girl with bunches and a big sword who is usually facing the wrong way or standing behind a flag, make of that what you will)
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