1. ZeroHour
    Anyone got it?
    I just created a good death knight (LOL) on Trollbane.
  2. Crispin
    Got it? I booked a week off work for the release date, my friend came up from tonbridge, set our gear up head to head style. Wrote our /played times down, and played solidly for the entire week. So yes!

    I got to 79 by the end of the week and stopped playing when i went back to work. I haven't played since, i'm around 6 bars off 80. What a waste!

    I think i clocked up around 70 hours played time that week. Disgraceful.

    Got my death knight to 54 or something, I like the class but haven't put any real time into it.

    I guess Im really an ex-wow player now, probably for the best. But no doubt something will drag me back. Thing is I hate my server (darkspear pve), its full of real idiots, but i hear thats the same on a lot of other servers.
  3. Valentine
    RP servers have generally a lower percentage of idiots because of the various extra rules hence i have always been on Earthen Ring.

    Managed to get the first Sartharion kill on ER too which got me a snazzy title
  4. browolf
    I got it for xmas. made level 80 now. there's really cool mission chains where the landscape changes along with the missions and flying riding stuff missions which are much better, there's a special interface for it now. at level 80 there was still 2 zones + the pvp one i hadnt even been in.

    how do rp servers work differently?
  5. Valentine
    The RP servers control to some degree what can be discussed in channels and naming convention etc, full info below:

  6. MattCrick
    LOL I never knew there was an actual policy as such regarding how to play on RP servers. I never really understood role-playing. All seems a little too serious, surrounding yourself in lore and going off on adventures. I've sat myself on a normal PVE realm, but I agree... The amount of flaming and the general immaturity that goes on it just unnecessary.

    DK's are an OK class, but I'm just waiting for them to get nerfed big styles. They are too OP IMO
  7. Valentine
    Very few people actually "roleplay" on an RP server due to the fact most are just there to avoid idiots, whether this is a good or bad thing depends on who you are i guess.

    I do think you will miss out on a lot if you don't immerse yourself in the lore of the game a little bit though. I would recommend any warcrafter having a browse through "http://www.wowwiki.com/" if they have a spare 5mins.
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