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  1. X-13
    Atm I have a decent Horde guild, we have a laugh, do raids/dungeons and generally piss about.

    But I'm struggling to find a good Alliance one. I'm on Azjol-Nerub. [EU]

    The first Alliance guild I found was one where you only ranked up based on how active you are, which isn't good for me as my main character is Horde.

    The second one, which I'm still in, the GM has no idea what they're doing. All the Officers are alts of the GM and, dispite being a raid/dungeon/social guild, no-one talks, there are no raids/dungeons planned [My horde guild has fortnightly raids and "gear up" events] and the GM pretty much has no idea what they're doing.

    So I need some suggestions of a good guild. [Or an invite... ]

    Also, characters :


    Nelf [Yet to be named/created.]
  2. Dom_
    I was in a pretty decent guild a few weeks ago, but had to cancel my account (buying a house so won't have time to play for a while). Armoury is blocked here, but if you look up my hunter (Domunt) I'm probably still in it.

    Will drop you a message when I activate my account again - most of my chars are on Azjol too (horde and alliance)!
  3. X-13
    Awesome. Thanks, Dom.

    Good luck with the new house. Hope the move goes well.

    The armoury may be blocked here too, but I know I can get it through battle.net
  4. X-13
    Seems I don't need an alliance guild anymore... I dropped 3 characters [And made a DK...] so it's all Horde.

    I also realised recently I don't have alts... I just have lots of main characters. [I focus on one for ages or until a certain level/part in the story, then switch and forget about it.]

    Incase you're interested... DK [Belf]
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