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  1. Valentine
    Well that didn't last long, content seems rather easier this time around.
  2. MattCrick
    Lost my first lvl 70 hard earnt epic... Went mad... Still replaced it with a nice shiney 80 epic. What made me laugh was the lvl 70 epic pvp gloves for hunter's got replaced from a blue boss drop in UK normal
  3. WOW_freak
    Turalyon - Night Elf Hunter 80 - Night Elf Rogue 80 - Level 80 Human Preist - Level 80 Human Mage - Level 80 Human Warlock - 42 Night Elf Druid
    Level 19 Twink Hunter. OMG I have a problem lol
  4. tomscaper
    Rınak - Earthern Ring, Hunter 80 been playing about 5 month now.
  5. wizzard
    I'm on quite a few realms 50 characters. Been playing on and off since 2005.

    I can't remember which realm I'm on though, I'd have to check
  6. american_psycho
    Burning Blade- 85 lock, 81mage, 83warrior, currently lvlin palatank ding'd 81 last night 82 2nyt ftw haha.

    Oh and on the many oth er accounts ive had since 2006.. 72sham, 60mage, 70mage, 70 rogue, 70hunter, 63war, 80pala haha probley alot more
  7. american_psycho
    haha Ran into a lvl84 alliance lock this morning... Named Sophos how geeky :P
  8. rich_tech
    Outland - Horde - 85 Warrior and a Payday Xfer Pending for my mage to Horde there loads of other 85s and 80+ chars on outland and agamaggan
  9. JoeBloggs
    Silvermoon - Alliance.

    I have been enjoying making lvl 10's for BGs with Heirlooms.
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