Lumia owners thread

  1. ZeroHour
    Post your details and how your finding your Lumia here.

    I am using a Lumia 920 in red with below cover currently but have an 800 too which the other half is using now.

  2. Arcolite
    I'm impressed with mine.

    For the first two-three days I was having battery issues. However after fully discharging and then recharging for a day or so the battery is now stable and is vastly better than I was used to with an iPhone 4.
    Also I found some of the early apps are a bit on the buggy side and can cause additional battery drain when used. For example, Skype and Facebook seem to drain the battery at a rate of 1% every few minutes while being used. As soon as I uninstalled those everything returned to normal.

    My favourite part of WP8 though has to be the People hub. I never have to check Facebook anymore because I can see all the updates from the people I'm bothered about via the People hub!
  3. ZeroHour
    Yeh battery life is fine for me and thats with 3G on.
    You can turn 3G off in Field test mode ( ##3282# ) but I have not needed too.
  4. Arcolite
    I installed a ZAGG Invisible Shield on mine last night. Quite pleased with the results.
  5. ZeroHour
    I have had Zagg shields before and it did the job but I didnt like the extra screen resistance.
    Got your wireless charger yet?
  6. Arcolite
    No not yet. I've been hinting at people so it might arrive for Christmas

    The extra screen resistance is the only downside to the ZAGG. Other than that I can't fault it.
  7. ZeroHour
    Did you not get the free with the phone?
    I had to fill in a form on a website.
  8. Arcolite
    Nope, EE seems to have removed all trace of that offer
  9. CAM
    New Lumia 620 owner. It's very different to anything I have used before!

    Must fiddle with tiles must fiddle with tiles must fiddle with tiles must fiddle with tiles must fiddle with tiles must fiddle with tiles...
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