Windows Mobile Owners

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  1. Domino
    @wellscrs, Synack's right, it won't be costing you anything.

    But if its something you're particularly worried about theres a great, free app called gb-soft tweak.

    THis'll allow you o set all kinds of attributes to do with gprs timeouts. I use it to set mine to be properly always on.
  2. SimpleSi
    Thanks for the invite.

    I had the orig MDA Vario - dropped it down the loo one day - didn't recover from that one

    Got an MDA VarioII - lasted about 15 months and then started doing strange things and needed replacing.

    Now got a Samung Omnia and I'm really missing my customisable buttons and built in stylus but looking forward to the world of mobile T'internet with by 500M/month allowance
  3. Tamarside
    Thanks for inviting me. I too have quite a history with WinMo and I'm pretty much firmly into the "addict" territory!
    Current device is an HTC Athena x7510 (a.k.a. T-Mob Ameo 16 GB) and while it's quite LARGE to carry around I'm hooked on it.
  4. NPearce
    Currently got a Touch Diamond, Didnt like it at first but updated antenna firmware and threw on a cooked ROM and its a fantastic bit of kit.
  5. UnknownStuntman
    Started 6 years ago with Orange SPV E200 and moved up that range. Now got HTC Touch Diamond, Like NPearce I have updated the ROM (a few times) and antenna.
  6. Extro
    Just started with a Samsung Omnia
  7. contink
    Vario III which I believe is the sameTyTN II here... wish I could get it to synch over the net easily with my exchange server though...
    @contink - Its all about SSL and opening the right ports to the outside world, give me a PM if you would like to discuss the setup further.
  9. damienharrison
    HTC Diamond - nice tweaked
  10. ZeroHour
    @contink - a lot of certs you buy are not mobile compatible. We bought ours from Geotrust as they do a mobile guaranteed cert.
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