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    Don't worry LeMarchand you were quite quick to respond to the invite, it looks like barely more than an hour before you joined up
  2. localzuk
    Nice shiny HTC Touch Diamond here. Very happy with it.
  3. ilisle
    Old and battered i-mate PDA2k - basically an O2 XDAII, or on Orange the SPV M2000. It's basically a rebadged HTC BlueAngel. Good bit of kit to have, as the screen slides up to reveal thumb board making remote console access on the go a lot easier.
  4. sammy
    Hi Guys,

    I been a member for a long time, but because i have worked with education in the evil land of resellers, i have not posted much over the years. Time to jump in now i feel....have any of you guys managed to find a simple mobile phone /pda device that just works...pulls mail, makes calls...thats it. I have tried so many different ones im sick of them now. None of them have the battery life they should, and all have some deficiency or other. Whats your experiences? anyone found a gem out there.
  5. sammy
    Quick update....if anyone is thinking of buying a Palm Treo 500 with windows OS...dont do it....its a horrible little device. Sorry to be blunt guys, the software is slow and finnicky...and the active sync dies at least once a day and i have to pull the battery out the device to reset it all. Onwards and upwards...just need to find another device now.... Stay Cool People
  6. Zimmer
    Hi guys, I've got a good old Dell X51v running Windows Mobile version 5... I've been using it for about two years now and I love it to bits!

    Looking at upgrading to a smaller device with better onboard WiFi and storage capacity.
  7. Antp
    hopefully getting a Palm treo 750 with windows mobile 6, any app suggestions?
  8. bossman
    Hi all,
    have had my HP Ipaq hx2790 for couple of years now, does what i want and very quickly too.
  9. wellscs
    When I perfom a send and receive on my htc TYTN11 the gprs conection stays connected costing me money is there any way to force the connection to close after a send and receive
  10. SYNACK
    @wellscrs - The GPRS connection in itself being open should not be costing you money as as far as I am aware data is charged for by the amount of information downloaded rather than the time. I don't personally have a Titan but you may be able to kill the data connection by holding the red call end button for several seconds while on the home screen. Otherwise have a look around for the connection manager software on the device which should let you disconnect.
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