Windows Mobile Owners

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  1. Abaddon
    I have an O2 XDA Exec.. just upgraded (?) to an N95 8Gb, but still going to use the XDA for work I think... My excuse? N95 was free, so seemed rude not to..
  2. DanH
    Hi all. Thanks for the invite.
    First had a Orange SPV (unsure its real name) Windows Mobile,
    now running with a HTC Tytn II (kaiser).. loving it!!
  3. mark
    Some nondescript WM PDA for work and an unlocked WinCE5 GPS - does that count??

    Also a 'proper' O/S Palm Clie TH55/e
  4. ranj
    Love my Ipaq 4150
  5. gshaw
    Was wondering what my alert was! Just got an iPAQ hw6915 to replace my trsuty Nokia 7610 - nice phone (or should I say PDA ) but definitely not for use by the general public... took a fair bit of tweaking to make it usable!
  6. steve
    Got a iPAQ hw6910, but considering changing to a 614c if I can get the Wi-Fi working
  7. gwendes
    Couple of PDAs... iPaq and XDA -WM2003/6.1
  8. giantwasp
    got an Ipaq 4150, which I love!!

    Provide support for O2 Mini S, Stellar and Tytn II for my Co's COMMS
  9. dezt
    I've mooved up the WM ladder, bought a O2 XDA Mini S off my mate for £35 with WM5 and a 512Mb memory card in it, works with my Asda mobile sim card as well, propper do.
  10. LeMarchand
    Ooooh! My first invite!

    Not sure how long the"alert" was there - apologies if it's been a while!

    Anyway, HTC Touch (the basic model, I should have checked what T mobile were shipping more thoroughly!) with a couple of 4GB cards. Also own a couple of iPaqs that have been donated by Senior Management bods. One has a 640x480 screen, and is great for watching video in bed without disturbing the missus and the other is currently in the loft awaiting tidying up for one of the nippers.
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