Windows Mobile Owners

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  1. Jenko22
    HTC S730 (Wings) here
  2. powdarrmonkey
    O2 XDA Exec here, tougher than old boots
  3. ticarr
    O2 XDA Mini S - Yea very mini it is...
  4. Domino
    HTC touch here..... fingerprint magnet
  5. ZeroHour
    TyTn 1 but its currently having issues. T-Mobile based Vario II
  6. craiglay
    Hello all. I've got a O2 XDA Orbit 2 and am really impressed with it. Previously have had the XDA 2 and the XDA 2i (still got!!)
  7. jamiesev
    HTC Touch
  8. saihaynes
    Hey All,
    I currently have Tytn 2 with retail rom on orange and Tytn with custom flashed Wm6 Rom....all good!

  9. flyinghaggis
    HTC Tytn (Tmobile Vario 2). Contract's expired and I'm looking for an upgrade but there's nothing out at the moment that's caught my eye! Like the look of a HTC Diamond but not sure if I could live without a full QWERTY keypad!
  10. Deaks
    Currently waiting for my O2 XDA Stellar (Tytn II) to arrive.

    Previously have had Ipaqs 1950 & 2210 and most recently an O2 XDA Exec. The wife has just moved from an XDA Exec to an Orbit, and the daughter also has an Orbit.
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