Windows Mobile Owners

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    Hi everyone, I'll start off by admitting to owning an HTC S730 (WM6 Standard), a iMate SP3(WM2003SE SP) and a HTC Blue Angel (XDA III) (WM2003SE)
  2. plexer
    Well I've got an HP Ipaq 514 voice messenger and a Dell Axim x65 pda.
  3. EduTech
    Hi everyone, O2 XDA Orbit; Win Mobile 6
  4. dezt
    I'll have to admit to not being as posh as everyone else, just got an Ipaq 5550 with WM2003 se at the moment, oh and an Orange SPV c500 with WM2003 se on it.

    Hoping to get the Ipaq 514 sometime soon though.
  5. browolf
    i've got an i-mate sp5 which is based on the HTC tornado model. I got it as an upgrade to a C500. Its got WM5. I'm on orange which afaik do the best payg data rates. £1 a mb!!! Google maps is pretty nifty even without gps. If u got wifi get WiFiFoFum, its a neat wireless scanner. its got a radar :-o lol.
  6. Sirbendy
    Currently using an Ipaq 514 Voice Messenger (WM6 Standard), with my trusty old Motorola MPX200 (upped to WM2003, with a WM5 upgrade I've not got round too) as a backup.
  7. john
    Currently have an O2 XDA2 and the infamous HP Ipaq 514 Voice Messenger
  8. Joanne
    I have a HTC Tytn... and they keyboard is starting to go :S

    I have it flashed with "Black Majik" ROM... got it off xda developers... dot com.
    Hey All, HTC TyTN II here, bought it offline and then connected it to Vodafone.

    My main use for it is MS direct push emails from our exchange server
  10. Netman
    Yep... TyTN II here too...
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