Techs Looking for Work

  1. Rob.E
    anyone looking for work in South London?
  2. voodoo_doll
    Where abouts in South London?
  3. wagnerk
    Always looking for the next career move whether it's actively or passively
  4. tabby1039
  5. faisalpandu
    I am looking for tech work arrund north west near blackburn, preston, bolton, manchester, paid or voluntary. Let me know if there is anything about
  6. lionsl2005
    Hi guys, im recently graduated frm LSBU. lookin for ajob in IT technical field. currently in to MCSE. been to 4 interviews, all no luck coz of experience. how can i get a work experienced for paid / unpaid. any part of London. plzz help me out
  7. Dantech
    Interesting comment "loinsl2005". I have lots of experience but after 6 and a half years as an IT Manager in a school find myself suddenly looking for work again (can't go into details for legal reasons - just made a mistake). I have studied towards an MCSE and done a database admin course, various other SIMS courses, a Microsoft AD course in Leeds for a week etc., but because I was in an excellent job which took total commitment never took the actual exams. Now I find all the job adverts insist on the qualifications! You could try writing to school IT managers to work for free for 6 weeks. I took someone on like this and we employed him for 6 months after that because he was good. After he left I gave him an excellent reference in a local school where he works as a full time technician now. The experience will be excellent for your CV and you get involved in real IT support not just book theory. In my experience you need both - when faced with a difficult problem that things you have learnt come back to mind and help you solve problems quickly. I still think you can't beat practical experience - just wish the employers could look beyond writing on a CV.
  8. Dantech
    Anyone know of any IT work for an experienced IT Manager who has done everything from designing the AD to installing the servers, virtualising them, setting up VLANs on HP switches, configured a terminal server farm, etc etc. Problem is I live in Lincolnshire and IT jobs are some distance away! Currently working as sub-contractor for HP deploying thin clients in job centres around the country, but work is only a few days each week and ends middle of 2014
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