IT Staff Just Starting Out

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  1. flashsnaps
    How did you end up in IT, whats your story?
  2. bizzel
    I was hired by my old school so I'm working here for my gap year. Off to Durham in October to study computer science and from there... I'm not sure!
  3. flashsnaps
    I am doing a placement at a High school, its been amazing how much I have learnt this year - and its all been good fun.
  4. skawarrior
    Always been a geek but after years of apathy towards getting a career I decided it was time to do something a bit more productive with my life. I've been working as an IT Tech since the end of Nov and its amazed me that I can actually love going to work. My school is great on education too I'm being urged to get on any courses I want to. Working in IT is fantastic!
  5. Technophobe
    Hello, I'm I allowed in the gang if I'm not strictly a tech. I have just started working for an ISP that specialises in education. I'm not very technically advanced. But if I promise not to try and sell you anything I'd like to just hang out and see if I can learn anything that may benefit me at work. What it is that you specifically want from an ISP? How you've been let down, Support. No names need be given. I think you get the gist. Promise I won't babble so much in future! Cheers guys.
  6. yabbadabba
    JUst a quick hello to all...........
  7. CAM
    A School is my first full-time job. Had a hard time though in the first year and it didn't go well. Turned into a supervisor now.
  8. Bobcat
    Hello!! just a quick Hi!!!!
  9. lionsl2005
    Just a quick hi and merry x'mas and happy new year. School is my first full time job will be in January 2009. after uni, worked as a volunteer ICT Tech in a high school. i loved the school environment. now starting in a primary school a full time techie.. looking forward to learn new things in a new environment. working in IT is fantastic.
  10. Nollauno
    Used to be an Analyst Programmer! Got married had kids, last one is now in Nursery. Looking to become a Network Administrator. Would like advice on courses or which way to go... (open ended question there! lol)
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