1. speckytecky
    Anyone on SWGfL using Joomla?

    I have a mission to set up a school site and want to do it with Joomla but one lady at SWGfL seems to think I can only use Front Page?
  2. Devontechie
    You can use Joomla! Have seen Schools in Devon with Joomla as there website. Where is it going to be Hosted?
  3. Dorset_Yokel
    Hi speckytecky, if you are using the standard SWGfL hosted package then no, as it does not have any SQL back end. You would have to upgrade to the advances web hosting package, and go for the linux version, that way you get MySQL and all should be good - well appart from the ICT budget which will be shelling out an extra £170 a year for the upgrade!!! And no, you don't only have to use front page!!
  4. dblight
    How did you get on with this project? I tried to use Joomla for a private project and found it to be a complete nightmare, ended up using E107 CMS in the end.

  5. speckytecky
    I was 58 yesterday and the little grey cells are depleting fast but I have persevered with Joomla and learn more about it daily. Not yet completed the site need to tidy up a few things for validation.

    In think on balance it's beenworth doing - I have certainly learnt a lot through it. What amazes me is that web developers offer sites for a few hundred squid - I suppose once you are proficient it becomes old hat. Whatever, I take my wooly hat off to them!!
  6. Dorset_Yokel
    Happy belated Birthday !!
  7. Duke
    Didn't realise anyone was still using this thread otherwise I would have replied sooner!

    I used Joomla! for our website, compared all the alternatives at the time (Drupal, Mambo, Mediawiki, Wordpress, etc.) and found it to be the best solution. It's been running for nearly three years and I've been extremely happy with it, easy to set up and use once you get your head around it. Running on a Linux box, very solid.

  8. Devontechie

    What did you find a nightmare in Joomla?

  9. dblight
    Hi Steve,

    Just the general jist of the architecture, user permissions modifying the look etc etc. I didnt really help that i didnt have a lot of time to get the site up and running so didnt really have a chance to sit down and read about it.

    E107 however was easy, straight from the install it was easy to understand how everything worked.

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