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  1. Domino
    Hey all,

    Just an open invite for you all - I've got Gavin from smoothwall coming to give a demo on friday 8th feb at 2pm.

    If anyone would like to come along you're all more than welcome, and I'm sure we'll retire to a public house for a post demo discussion....
  2. Rob.E
    anyone looking for a change of employer in and around London?
  3. TechMonkey
    Anyone from the East Sussex area going to the big Conference thingy?
  4. harrno
    I take it that this includes Essex Schools!!!
  5. Domino
    I take it the big conference thingy is the 1st april conference?

    I'm not, looks like a load of waffle with no content to me.

    Only thing of interest is the learning gateway stuff - and we're early adopters of that anyway
  6. TechMonkey
    Yeah it was. Didn't bother going int he end, a member of Manglement went. Was very impressed and gushed about how great it all was and how wonderful etc etc etc. Means it was a load of waffle especially as teh brochure he brought abck kept on a bout e-confidence.
    Ohhh so you're one of the victims... I mean early adopters. Have they got it up and running yet? I've heard it has been..... fun. I Think we will be one of the middle lot. Gives us time to train and get it up before the new year but hopefully most of the issues will be sorted.
  7. Domino
    yeah, its not great.

    The forced password reset at the start is very tricky.
    Student data's badly presented
    generally very clunky.

    They haven't given us sharepoint admin rights yet, but once we have them I'll knock it into shape a bit more.

    On a sunnier note, I've got a demo of some spanking new wireless stuff coming up if anyone fancies coming over for a quick look (maybe lunch too!)
  8. TechMonkey
    Ohhh if not too late what is the wireless stuff?
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