Rm GINA - remoting to computers

  1. QMSIT1982

    i've tried everything, uninstalling/reinstalling rm gina, switching computers off and on, removed student profile from Docs & Settings.

    I cannot remote to 3 computers in the school, I keep being told that students are logged on, when I go to check there aren't any students there. When I do try to remote to it, it throws me out, Help!!!

    What do I do?

  2. ZeroHour
    Well I dont have RM but sometimes using RDC even though the user has logged out windows still thinks there is a session until they are rebooted.
    Does rebooting fix the problems?
  3. fiza
    Dont use RM sorry but can tell you that VNC is one of the best tools to remote control. Allows user to interact too.
  4. NeoPlosive
    Rebuild may be the quickest and easiest solution.
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