ACER ASPIRE 5920 laptop memory dumping

  1. QMSIT1982
    Hi, I knw this place is not for work but as ithis is personal it doesn't fit into any other catergory, so here goes.

    I have a ACER ASPIRE 5920 laptop which one of the teachers asked meto take a look at as it was sloow. I managed to speed up the laptop but now it constantly BLUE SCREENS with memory dump information, which tell me i need to remove the antivirus, and firewall.

    The only problem is after its createda memory dump it switches off and starts again doing the same thing.

    I need to fix this and fast I have till monday,can anyone help me or give me some advice as to how I can fix this.

    I am getting deperate now to any help will be appreciated.

    Thanks Uma

    Please email me at with the details.
  2. dwhyte85

    Apologies if this sounds a bit obvious.

    Presumably, you've checked that you don't have 2 anti-virus programs running as this does cause blue screens, we had an issue recently where an old installation of Norton was not correctly removed and was still running in the background whilst Sophos was then installed... consequently the laptop was totally unusable in terms of speed and would then blue screen.

    If you can get into safe mode it may be worth checking the consistancy of the XP system files (cmd -> sfc /checknow), do a chkdsk & download memtest and give it a whirl to see whether it is an issue of the memory itself.

    Check all your drivers for sound, video and the like are up to date, if you've recently installed any new drivers or software... even though it may seem totally unrelated remove it/roll back.

    Good luck
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