Scottish Techs

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  1. kennylang74
    Hi Ryan,

    Yes, for my sins I work for the Education ICT team at Falkirk, mostly dealing with the secondary schools. Not to sure who I'll be supporting, won't be Italy or France though!
  2. Ryan
    After much deliberation, i think i'm going for Spain. A team chock full of quality players, hopefully they can produce.
  3. RabbieBurns
    Just found this wee place. Hello to the fellow scots. Russia for the cup I reckon
  4. Liam_uk
    i need to pee
  5. teddybear
    Evenin' all. Good to see a wee place for us to hide away.

    I'm from the bottom of Scotland somewhere, will keep it a wee secret though :-)
  6. jc1875
    evening all
    I'm currently working in ...erm... Dundee.

    Nuff said

    iused to work with Tosh in a real city though (shame it was a crappy employer though )
  7. robertcraig

    I've just joined and the Scottish Techs group so I thought I'd leave a quick note to say Hi :-)

    I've recently joined Pearson Phoenix (part of Pearson Education – the largest global education supplier) as Software Sales Specialist for Scotland so hopefully I might meet some of you at somepoint.
  8. e-safety
    Hi there - hope you don't mind me using this to get a little help - I work for the UK Safer Internet Centre and we're holding our esafetylive event in Edinburgh for the first time this year - I'm looking for some willing peeps to help me get the message out to schools / anyone who works with young people. The events are in March so up against it. Would very much appreciate it if anyone could send on some info for me (a wee poster perhaps?? :-) All legit - check out the website South West Grid for Learning Trust - Home

  9. Stricnine
    just found this group... bit quiet up here in Scotland ... or are we all hard at work somewhere!...
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