EMP Metal Punch

    It turns out that EMPs are useful for more than cooking your appliances wirelessly. EMP metal shapeing has been in manufacturing use for a while now where an EM pulse is used to induce a current in a bit of sheet metal, this current makes the metal magnetic and the force of the primary magnet pulls the metal into the desired shape.

    This technology has been supercharged in a way that would make Clarkson prowd by tweaking the existing coils making them take more current and discharging the electricity faster a much stronger feild is created. This is actually able to toolessly punch specific sized holes in metal much faster than lasers, as there is not physical contact the 'punch' never wears out and there are no burs on the resulting holes.

    The EMP cutter applies the force of 3500 atmosphers onto a section about 1cm square.

  2. DaveP
    The page referenced in the post does not load for me [RSS feed?]
    Their site appears to be down for me too and the 2000 character limit in these group forums is annoying. Here is the slashdot story but it does not provide many more details Slashdot Technology Story | Using EMP To Punch Holes In Steel

    here is a way better link

    Electromagnetic Pulse Cuts Through Steel In 200 Milliseconds | Popular Science
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