How to Force Screen Resolution on CC4 on all Desktops

  1. PaulRenda
    This 'How To' teaches you how to force all your school computers to a defined screen resolution. You can tweak this 'how to' if for example you only want certain people to use predetermined graphic resolution or groups of computers. It is all up to you!

    First thing is first, RM does not support natively any way of forcing a graphic resolution. It is also not advisable by Microsoft to force it through GPO, because every computer has their own graphics card with different specifications. Saying this, if you have a homogeneous network, where the majority of your computers have the same hardware configuration, then this 'how to' is for you.

    1. SetRes
    You'll need to download this nice little program called setres.exe. You can either Google or Bing it, or you can go to Miscellaneous utilities by SeDivY and download it here.

    2. Copy
    You will need to unzip the file and copy the setres.exe file to your server. I recommend you copy it to the NETLOGON folder. So open your \\server\netlogon folder and copy the setres.exe file there.

    3. Unblock
    Right-click the setres.exe file. Once the properties window opens, on the General tab, right at the bottom click the 'Unblock' option.

    4. RMMC
    Open and login with systemadmin to your RMMC console on the server.

    5. Software Restrictions Policies
    On the RMMC, expand the Software and click on Software Restriction Policies. At the top click on the File Rule option and then 'Add...'. Click on the 'File name' box and type \\server\netlogon [enter]. This should take you to the netlogon location of your server, where you have the setres.exe file. Select the setres.exe file.

    6. Description & Rule
    On the description write 'Set Resolution' and on the rule confirm the option 'Allow this file to be run' is selected.

    7. Registry
    Expand the Registry Policies and then User Policies. Expand Global and then All Users. [This is the stage where you can tweak.]

    8. Software Restrictions
    On the 'Software Restrictions' option verify the 'Disable the command prompt' is unticked. [This could be an issue for pupils? You will need to decide on this.]

    9. General
    Click on the General and tick and expand the 'Specify programs to run after logon'. Click on the 'Add...'
    On the Name type: Set Resolution
    On the Value type: \\server\netlogon\setres.exe 1024 768
    [The values of 1024 768 can be changed to whatever you want to force the screen resolution. The 'server' is of course your server name.]

    10. All Done
    You will need to restart the computers you've applied this and it should work wonderfully.

    You could possibly encounter issues with UAC. RM has a TEC articles showing how to disable UAC on CC4.
    If you are having any problems, just PM me and I'll do all I can to help you.

    Update August 2014

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