Call Of Duty World at War

  1. mrdavies7
    Anyone Playing COD World at War, Half way through completing it on Veteran Level and playing Online all the time.
  2. Hightower
    I was addicted to COD4 on my 360 when I had it. Just got a PS3 this week, and all I've been playing is little big planet.

    Waiting for a cable to come from (HDMI) so I have Hi-Def and then the first thing I'm gonna do is go buy COD5. I'm hoping my cable comes today (should do) which means I'll be on COD5 tonight!

    And at only £28 too (thanks to my mates employee discount at Blockbuster) what a bargain!
  3. Hightower

    Cable has arrived - rang friend, COD5 tonight baby. Back of the net!
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