Wow! 53 Members and growing!

  1. apoth0r
    Shame the post counts are a bit low!

    Any primary related questions would be of use here, even if you are copying and pasting from an original thread in the main forum! Keeps us on our toes!

    Have a great Easter break people!
  2. leco
    We don't seem to be a very chetty bunch - perhaps because we spend most of our time fire fighting, I know I do. Being the only tech in the school has it's disadvantages.
  3. Boon72
    some of us only have 3 or 6 hours a week at each school :-)
  4. apoth0r
    Well as I renounced my primary school title, I'm back in the fray. Loving being back in a nice small school with wonderfully behaved children, makes me wonder why I ever left to do secondary
    Long live the Primary School Techs (well not too long, i want to expand the business )
  5. bluepixel
    Hi everyone
    I haven't posted much either, it's all go once I get to work. Determined to more this year though.
    Just thought I would recount a funny tech request from a teacher who said her printer wasn't working after the holidays. Checked it out and found that she had plugged her printer usb cable into the data port on the wall!! Fortunately the port wasn't damaged or the cable, but talk about hilarious
    @bluepixel - good to have you back on the forum and look foward to seeing more of your posts. It is amazing what gets plugged into what in a school environment, I once had to pull a ham sandwidge out of an inkjet printer, still in the gladwrap thankfully but quite well wedged between the rollers
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